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State and Nation

The Daily Collegian, September 10, 2018
Ginny Barnett said the only way she could focus on volunteering for the Red Cross in Shanksville following the attacks was to keep the information of what happened "at arm's length."
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Latrobe calligrapher does ‘God's work'

Tribe Live, December 27, 2016
With no formal training in art or business, Ginny Barnett of Latrobe has become both an artist and a businesswoman. Yet she is quick to deflect credit for the success of her Faithfull Calligraphy to the one she says is ultimately responsible: "I only do God's work."
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A White House Christmas: Johnstown duo creates glittering decor

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, December 8, 2007
In the Blue Room, an 18-foot Fraser fir grown in Laurel Springs, N.C., is filled with handmade ornaments celebrating the theme "Holiday in the National Parks." The 8-inch-wide round ornament made by calligrapher and artist Ginny Barnett of Latrobe bears her interpretation of the memorial's mission statement.
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"Holiday in the National Parks" Celebrated at the White House

National Park Service News Release, November 29, 2007
Ginny Barnett of Latrobe, Pennsylvania, was selected to create the Flight 93 National Memorial ornament. Ginny is a dedicated Flight 93 volunteer, and a gifted calligrapher and artist. Ginny has become a very special friend to the Flight 93 Memorial project, and has spent many hours at the temporary memorial and in the National Park Service offices.
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Flight 93 ornament prominent on White House Christmas Tree

The Tribune Democrat, November 29, 2007
The Flight 93 globe was crafted by Latrobe resident Ginny Barnett, a Red Cross volunteer for the Flight 93 National Memorial. She and her husband, James Barnett, were guests of First Lady Laura Bush on Thursday at the White House.
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