Print for sale: Forever"Artist"! I am still adjusting to being described that way. I have two Bachelors and one Masters degree, none of which have anything to do with business or art. I am living proof of Proverbs 19:21 NIV: "Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails."

God has stretched and challenged me to grow in His plan, continually sending me places and work I would never have chosen for myself. I am not a risk-taker and a total wimp when it comes to critters. I am also a detail-oriented organizer and control freak! Print for sale: Angels LiftHe first began to shape me by sending me where I had zero control and where critters may abound (and often did) - as a Red Cross Disaster Services volunteer. The unknowns of disaster assignments can trigger fears and inadequacies in me that can only be overcome with God's help: "Not that we are adequate in ourselves to claim anything for ourselves, but our adequacy comes from God." 2 Cor 3:5 NASB.

Print for sale: Power PerfectEnter calligraphy adventure: God is showing me again how to rely on Him in alien territory, but with the added refining lesson: "My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness." 2 Cor 12:9 NIV. And let me tell you, I am "perfectly weak!" It is by His grace alone that we are able. He has done amazing things with willing but not so skillful hands. And He has guided me step-by-step through the business world, including cyberspace!

Print for sale: Ask Seek KnockThe more I put to paper, the more amazed I am at what He has done. This is God's adventure and I am privileged to be along for the ride. I often describe it like a roller coaster where I am hanging onto God's coat-tails for dear life! There have been many ups and downs, but because the adventure and Plan are His, whatever happens is OK. He has been teaching me this all along. When you take the "me, me, me" out of it, it is awesome what He will do... "Yet it was not I but God who was working through me by His grace" 1 Cor 15:10 NLT.

Abundant Blessings to you,
Ginny Barnett